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  • Environmentally Speaking 034: Cross-Examination in an Administrative Hearing

    Cross-Examination in an Administrative Hearing This week’s show starts with a friendly Public Service Announcement…. Don’t put your recycling in plastic bags… Thank you. O.K.! Now the topic we are covering this week is Cross-Examination. This is something that has happened recently at an administrative hearing and the decision the Providence superior court has made about it. But first, what…

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    Environmentally Speaking 033: Animal Crossing

    Animal Crossing We start the show off by recapping the last episode on Earth Day. Did you know Earth Day is our second favorite day, next to our birthdays?! There has been talk of building an overpass for animal crossings over a huge highway in California. Take a listen as we discuss what this project will look like and how…

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    Environmentally Speaking 028: River Keeper

    River Keeper This week we sit down with Narragansett Bay River Keeper, Kate McPherson. We discuss the keeper program and Save the Bay, which is the organization that houses Narragansett Bay, Riverkeeper and it actually has three keepers. So what does a River Keeper do? Take a listen as Kate shares her background and how she got into the position…

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    Environmentally Speaking 027: Smart Growth

    This week we are talking about Smart Growth. Sounds like something you add to your plants at home. No, not what we’re talking about. Recently Clarice went to Ohio, and a few months ago Marisa took a trip to Montana. Both states are pretty wide open compared to what we see around Rhode Island. What happens when all the land…

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