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  • Environmentally Speaking 051: Ballast Water

            Episode 51 Transcript CLARICE:  Hello, everybody.  Welcome to this week’s episode of Environmentally Speaking.  And I am so happy to welcome back my cohost.   MARISA:  Hi, Clarice.  I’m Marisa Desautel, an environmental attorney here in Rhode Island.  And I was conspicuously absent from the last episode because in true honesty and full disclosure I’ve got a…

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    Environmentally Speaking 050: Leo Pollock

        Episode 50 Transcript CLARICE:  Hello.  Good afternoon, everybody.  Well, afternoon that we’re recording.  My name is Clarice.  I am recording sans Marisa today.  These are one of those very rare and few moments when I get full control of the mic.  I get to go rogue.  And in the spirit of going rogue, I brought on a special…

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    Environmentally Speaking 049: The Woodstock of Cleanups!

           Episode 49 Transcript CLARICE:  Hello, everybody.  Thank you for tuning in to Environmentally Speaking. MARISA:  Hi, everybody.  I’m Marisa Desautel an environment attorney in Rhode Island. CLARICE:  And I’m Clarice.  I’m coming in with our questions, comments, and topics.  And selfishly I picked today’s topic because we don’t talk about water enough. Yeah. MARISA:  Well, and…

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    Environmentally Speaking 046: Pushing Renewable Energy

    Pushing Renewable Energy This week we bring up an article that was recently published (https://www.gloucestertimes.com/opinion/letter-biden-climate-change-plan-forgets-fishing-industry-communities/article_609745be-09f7-11ed-8d11-8f912596b992.html) and the current administration visiting the Brayton Point Power plant. The President has earmarked that facility as the new hub, and infrastructure to transform offshore wind power into electricity, land side. We go into detail and share what this means for the National Environmental Protection Act,…

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    Climate Change Scenario Planning: Invitation to Attend Scenario Deepening Webinars

    Over the past year, East Coast fishery management bodies have been collaborating on a climate change scenario planning initiative designed to prepare fishing communities and fishery managers for an era of climate change. The goals of this project are to assess how climate change might affect stock distribution and availability of East Coast marine fisheries over the next 20 years…

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    Environmentally Speaking 045: Making Agriculture Fun For The Youth

    Making Agriculture Fun For The Youth This week we are talking with some special guests, Sarah and Monica from Eastern RI Conservation! We are going to discuss the  Portsmouth AgInnovation.  The Portsmouth AgInnovation has put together a student driven farm project. The program has been a huge success with the youth.  Find out how this came together and what they are doing today.…

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    Environmentally Speaking 043: Conservation Restrictions vs. Conservation Easement

    Conservation Restrictions vs. Conservation Easement On this episode, we had a request from one of our listeners to discuss conservation restrictions.  So, we must first understand what are the basics for conservation easement versus conservation restriction.  First, it is a very legally nuanced. It’s important to understand because when you are looking to develop land or if you’re working for government if…

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