• Environmentally Speaking 021: Land Use

       In this episode, we discuss land use in residential and commercial developments, and why it’s so important for local government leaders to have a longterm plan in mind as smaller areas rapidly grow.       EP 21: Land Use CLARICE:  All righty.  Good morning, everybody, or at least snowy morning on our end.  We’re enjoying a nice…

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    Environmentally Speaking 020: Oil Spills

       In this episode, we are going to discuss the Seekonk River oil spill. There have been two spills in this area over the past few months and we are going to discuss what happens if you have contaminated soil on a property, we will explain what a C-A-P is, (the environmental remediation industry will put into place as…

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    Environmentally Speaking 019: Due Process

    This week we are going to discuss due process in the context of a municipal setting, but the concept of due process can apply, as well, to any government body, state, municipal, federal. Without getting too much into the weeds here, there are two different types of due process considerations. One is called procedural due process and the other is…

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    Environmentally Speaking 017: Aquaculture

    Aquaculture is a water-based farm in the sense of it’s like salmon farms or oysters or clams or, different types of fish. It even extends out to types of seaweeds. So it’s farming but it’s in the sea. The aquaculture industry is composed of folks that are looking to create farms that are water-dependent to grow and then eventually harvest…

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    Environmentally Speaking 016: Witness Testimony

    In this episode, we are talking about witness testimony. Tune in as we have some laughs with this one. We discuss the different types of witnesses, who is considered an expert, and we share a funny story that’s sure to make you smile. LISTEN NOW:       EP 016 – Witness Testimony MALE: You’re listening to Environmentally Speaking, a…

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    Environmentally Speaking 015: Water Discharging

    On this episode of Environmentally Speaking, Marisa and Clarice discuss environmental law and litigating regarding water discharging. LISTEN NOW:     EP 015 – Storm Water Discharging CLARICE:  Good morning, everybody. MARISA:  Oh, you’re saying good morning as though everyone’s listening to this before noon. CLARICE:  Oh, that’s true. MARISA:  Yeah. CLARICE:  Well, I’m having a good morning.  I don’t…

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    Environmentally Speaking 014: Rhode Island Open Meetings Act

    On this episode of Environmentally Speaking, Marisa shares the basics of the Open Meetings Act. The Open Meetings Act requires certain information to be announced to the public; It is aimed at ensuring government transparency. This is important when public comment is required according to certain statues. LISTEN NOW:     EP 014 – Rhode Island Open Meetings Act MARISA: …

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    Environmentally Speaking 013: Becoming an Environmental Attorney

    In this episode of Environmentally Speaking, Marisa and Clarice share their experiences in law school, and recommendations on how to navigate the niche legal path of environmental law and litigation. LISTEN NOW:     EP 013 – Becoming and Environmental Attorney: What to Consider CLARICE:  Hello.  Good morning, everybody. MARISA:  Good morning, Clarice. CLARICE:  I was doing so well not…

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    Environmentally Speaking 012: Public Beach Access

    LISTEN NOW:     EP 012 – Public Beach Access MARISA:  Hi, everybody.  Welcome to Environmentally Speaking.  I’m Marisa Desautel an environmental attorney with a few decades of experience.  I’m cracking up because, Clarice, every time I say, hi everyone, you get this look on your face.    CLARICE:  I think it’s the funniest thing.  I know we’re addressing all of…

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