Maritime Law

  • Admiralty Law and COVID-19: Civil Litigation Considerations

    One month after the start of COVID-19 restrictions, the legal field began seeing an average of one related case filed daily. For the maritime industry, many of these civil litigation lawsuits will stem from shipping, cruise ship, and insurance cases, as noted below under admiralty law. Shipping This podcast offers some of the impacts of COVID-19 on global shipping. In addition, a…

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    Maritime Civil Disputes Issues: What is Salvage?

    Today’s blog post will describe marine salvage and what constitutes a salvage claim, as well as resolution of civil disputes over salvage claims. Boaters sometimes wrongfully assume that marine salvage is limited to things such as sunken and/or sinking ships, but the applications of marine salvage are in fact rather broad. Salvage in the U.S. In the United States, as…

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    An Introduction to a Specific Type of Civil Litigation: Admiralty Law

    Civil litigation occurs across a wide variety of legal fields. It encompasses personal injury law, small claims, business law, contract law, torts, and environmental law. An area of law that only some civil litigation attorneys are knowledgeable about are admiralty and maritime law. Today’s blog post will explain what admiralty and maritime law are, and what makes them unique among…

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