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  • Permit Non-Compliance Issues: How Legal Advice Helps

    We often share legal advice on how to obtain permits and proceed with your business or construction activities properly. An oft-asked legal advice question is what happens if I don’t get the permit? This might be because someone doesn’t want to apply for the proper permit(s), or because someone is nervous about accidentally overlooking the need for one. Today, we’ll…

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    COVID-19 and Updates: Contract Litigation Impacts

    While the infection rates continue to climb, it is increasingly important to talk about the various impacts COVID-19 will inevitably have on people and businesses in Rhode Island. This includes potential future contract litigation. Since our last post, Rhode Island has been further impacted by federal and state decisions, detailed below. Federal Updates Congress passed the Families First Coronavirus Response…

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    COVID-19 Impacts to Government Operations in Rhode Island

    If you are in Rhode Island and have cases or public meetings/hearings pending, including planning and zoning board hearings, we are sure you are wondering how the COVID-19 virus is impacting the various state and municipality governments. This blog post is meant to convey, in one spot, all that we know about what the various closures and cancellations may mean…

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    Attorneys Are One of Your Land Planning Consultants

    Like we’ve talked about in previous blogs, getting your construction/development plans approved requires a team. Quick approval depends on enlisting experts in their respective fields.  Your contractor and subcontractors must provide detailed descriptions of the work being done. Your engineer must have knowledge of the various concerns in your area, as well as the requirements for site plans. Also, you…

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    Contractual Obligations and Breach of Contract Elements

    Contracts are everywhere in your everyday life, even if you don’t always notice. Your purchase and sale agreement for buying or selling a house is a contract, your cell phone bill is a contract, your divorce may result in property division agreements that are contracts as well. Every time you swipe your credit card to pump gas, you’ve accepted an…

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    Do I Need a Business Law Attorney?

    The corporate world faces all types of legal issues on a regular basis, from employment law to mergers and acquisitions. A business law attorney customarily assists with any of these issues, depending on their area of expertise. Oftentimes, however, environmental issues arise in the corporate context that are different from typical corporate legal considerations. Hiring an environmental business law attorney…

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    To Litigate or Not to Litigate?

    Like all choices in life, the question of whether you should litigate your claim has many factors. There are also many different venues that operate in Rhode Island and Massachusetts, from an administrative or agency context, to the various appeals courts. If you are going to litigate, you need a team that knows the ins and outs of the venues,…

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    Solar Facilities and Advanced Regulatory Compliance

    Market volatility, savings incentives, increasing costs for energy, and advanced regulatory compliance can be daunting and confusing for property owners who might otherwise pursue construction of or partnership on a solar energy facility. At the State level, solar projects are currently incentivized and can significantly reduce an electric bill. For parties interested in purchasing “credits” associated with a solar facility,…

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    Rhode Island Corporate Environmental Law

    Environmental law governs much of a corporation’s activities. Corporate strategies should consider corporate environmental law and integrate regulatory compliance in all areas: development and strategy, manufacturing, marketing and distribution, and transportation and disposal. In Rhode Island, liability extends to corporations for any corporate environmental law violations asserted by government and third parties. Environmental law questions arise for corporate entities in…

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