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  • Environmentally Speaking 020: Oil Spills

       In this episode, we are going to discuss the Seekonk River oil spill. There have been two spills in this area over the past few months and we are going to discuss what happens if you have contaminated soil on a property, we will explain what a C-A-P is, (the environmental remediation industry will put into place as…

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    Environmentally Speaking 015: Water Discharging

    On this episode of Environmentally Speaking, Marisa and Clarice discuss environmental law and litigating regarding water discharging. LISTEN NOW:     EP 015 – Storm Water Discharging CLARICE:  Good morning, everybody. MARISA:  Oh, you’re saying good morning as though everyone’s listening to this before noon. CLARICE:  Oh, that’s true. MARISA:  Yeah. CLARICE:  Well, I’m having a good morning.  I don’t…

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    DEM Announces Informational Meeting Discussing Coastal Resiliency at Quonochontaug Breachway Nov. 18

    PROVIDENCE — The Department of Environmental Management (DEM) announces that the public is invited to participate in an information session on Thursday, Nov. 18, at 6PM regarding coastal resiliency at Quonochontaug Breachway. GZA GeoEnvironmental Inc. was recently contracted to design and present coastal resiliency strategies for the popular boating and fishing access site in Charlestown. A grant from the National…

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    Environmentally Speaking 013: Becoming an Environmental Attorney

    In this episode of Environmentally Speaking, Marisa and Clarice share their experiences in law school, and recommendations on how to navigate the niche legal path of environmental law and litigation. LISTEN NOW:     EP 013 – Becoming and Environmental Attorney: What to Consider CLARICE:  Hello.  Good morning, everybody. MARISA:  Good morning, Clarice. CLARICE:  I was doing so well not…

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    Environmentally Speaking Episode 003: Public Notices

    LISTEN NOW:     EP 003 – Public Notice Full Transcript MARISA:  All right.  Here we go.  Hi.  This is Environmentally Speaking.  I am Marisa Desautel an environmental attorney with a few decades of experience. CLARICE:  Hey, everybody.  I’m Clarice.  I’m a paralegal here bringing your questions and topics to the table.  And today, Marisa, you specifically wanted to talk…

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    Public Hearing Scheduled in Exeter: CEA Submitted for Industrial Greenhouses, Utility Scale Solar Development in Residential Zones

    Public Hearing August 11 @ 6:30 p.m. Metcalf School 30 Nooseneck Hill Rd, Exeter, RI 02822   What’s being proposed? A new Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA) zoning ordinance has been written by a developer (RI Grows LLC) to allow industrial greenhouses and utility scale solar development in residential zones. If the zone change is approved, there will be no ability…

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    Environmentally Speaking Episode 002: Rhode Island “DEM”

    LISTEN NOW:       EP 002 – Rhode Island “DEM” Full Transcript Marisa:  Hi.  Welcome to Environmentally Speaking.  This is attorney Marisa Desautel.  I’m your host.  I’ve got a couple of decades of experience in environmental law.  And with me today is – Clarice:  Hi, everybody.  I’m Clarice, a paralegal here, to bring your topics and questions to the…

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    RODA sends reminder on offshore wind development surveys deadline Aug. 1

    From RODA: Reminder to please fill out these two RODA surveys before August 1st if you have not already. Research Priorities: We are asking for the fishing industry’s help to identify research priorities essential to understand the impacts of offshore wind development on fisheries. Please fill out EITHER this google form or email the RODA Research Priorities Form and return…

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    Environmentally Speaking Episode 001: Registered Agents

    LISTEN NOW: EP 001 – Registered Agents Full Transcript MARISA: This is Environmentally Speaking.  I’m Marisa Desautel an environmental attorney with a couple of decades of experience in environmental law. CLARICE:  And I’m Clarice a paralegal here to bring your topics and questions to the table.  Today, Marisa, let’s talk about registered agents. MARISA:  Sounds like a good idea.  I…

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