Coastal Zone Law

  • How a Block Island marina dispute fractured trust in R.I. coastal agency

    Control of Rhode Island’s 400 miles of coastline is contentious, and hotly debated questions often fall to the Coastal Resources Management Council. Critics say the council is not accountable to the public. When the CRMC last year went into private mediation with a marina owner, it fueled further questions about the agency’s transparency. By Sofie Rudin Science and Environmental Reporter…

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    An Introduction to a Specific Type of Civil Litigation: Admiralty Law

    Civil litigation occurs across a wide variety of legal fields. It encompasses personal injury law, small claims, business law, contract law, torts, and environmental law. An area of law that only some civil litigation attorneys are knowledgeable about are admiralty and maritime law. Today’s blog post will explain what admiralty and maritime law are, and what makes them unique among…

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    State Regulations for Marinas, Non-Compliance with Regulatory Requirements, and the Clean Marina Program

    Are you a marina owner/operator in Rhode Island, or would you like to be? If so, you should know about the state regulations which apply to marina regulations and permitting, what non-compliance with regulatory requirements might mean for your business, and the Coastal Resource Management Council (CRMC)’s Clean Marina Program. The CRMC and DEM are responsible for most of the…

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    What is Public Access, and What are Rights-of-Way to the Shore for Land Users in R.I.?

    The Rhode Island CRMC works with a number of different coastal laws, including aquaculture regulation and Coastal Zone Management Act issues we previously discussed here on the Desautel Law blog. Today we’ll “dive” into their work on coastal public access for land users and rights-of-way to the shore (“ROW”). Public access in this case means the ability of all citizen…

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    Advocacy for Environmental Protection and Economic Integrity Related to Coastal Properties and Climate Change

    R.I. Senator Sheldon Whitehouse and New Hampshire Senator Jeanne Shaheen teamed up this month in an op-ed to address the economic impacts of climate change related to the rapidly declining value of coastal properties. The op-ed also appeared in the Boston Globe. In this opinion piece, the Senators noted that Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Maine, and New Hampshire have already lost…

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    Ecological Regulations and Special Area Management Plans

    What is a SAMP, and How Do SAMPs Regulate the Coastal Zone? Today, we focus on one aspect of federal law. This aspect leads to federal-state cooperation, and we explain how it informs R.I. coastal zone law and ecological regulations. The Coastal Zone Management Act (“CZMA”) has several facets. One is allowing states to designate one of their agencies as…

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    Recent Environmental Legislation: Rhode Island Recreational Fishing Laws and Regulations

    Recent environmental legislation related to fishing has mostly contemplated commercial fishing, but recreational fishing has seen its share of updates as well. The freshwater and saltwater fishing seasons are open in R. It is important to know how the recent environmental legislation affects how one may fish, when, and the limits on common species. Today’s blog post will inform saltwater…

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    A Boating Accident and Potential Civil Suit in RI

    There are almost 40,000 registered boats in the Ocean State. As the Fourth of July weekend approached, the RIDEM Environmental Police and the U.S. Coast Guard were vocal about the number of boating collisions and allisions that occur every year. These events happen particularly over the weekend for the summer season. Our blog post today will discuss some of the…

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