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  • Environmentally Speaking 024: Attorney-Client Communication

    In Episode 24 of Environmentally Speaking we discuss Attorney-Client Communication. It is important to look at the foundation between you and your attorney. What does that relationship look like? What are you both getting yourselves into? How many days before you can text back after the initial meeting? Communication between an attorney and their client is so sacrosanct and so…

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    Environmentally Speaking 022: Discovery

    This episode is all about Discovery. No, not the discovery of new land or things on the beach or in your woods, we are talking about things you can bring as evidence into court.       EP 22: Discovery MARISA: Good morning.  Good afternoon.  Good evening.  This is Environmentally Speaking.  I’m Marisa Desautel an environmental attorney with a few…

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    Environmentally Speaking 016: Witness Testimony

    In this episode, we are talking about witness testimony. Tune in as we have some laughs with this one. We discuss the different types of witnesses, who is considered an expert, and we share a funny story that’s sure to make you smile. LISTEN NOW:       EP 016 – Witness Testimony MALE: You’re listening to Environmentally Speaking, a…

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    Maritime Civil Disputes Issues: What is Salvage?

    Today’s blog post will describe marine salvage and what constitutes a salvage claim, as well as resolution of civil disputes over salvage claims. Boaters sometimes wrongfully assume that marine salvage is limited to things such as sunken and/or sinking ships, but the applications of marine salvage are in fact rather broad. Salvage in the U.S. In the United States, as…

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    Solar Farm Land Dispute in Richmond Results in Superior Court Reversal

    In the latest solar farm land dispute heard by the R.I. Superior Court, Freepoint Solar, LLC (“Freepoint”) appealed a decision of the Town of Richmond Zoning Board of Review (“the ZBR”). The ZBR denied Freepoint a special use permit for construction of a solar farm on property in the town’s R-3 residential zoning district. Today, we’ll explain why the Superior…

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    A Boating Accident and Potential Civil Suit in RI

    There are almost 40,000 registered boats in the Ocean State. As the Fourth of July weekend approached, the RIDEM Environmental Police and the U.S. Coast Guard were vocal about the number of boating collisions and allisions that occur every year. These events happen particularly over the weekend for the summer season. Our blog post today will discuss some of the…

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    Environmental Law and Contract Litigation

    Most people and businesses engage in contract negotiations and formation every day. What most do not understand, though, is the role that environmental attorneys play in reviewing contracts. An environmental attorney can particularly benefit a person or business in two specific ways. First, the attorney can suggest language to insert or remove from the contract to protect against liability. Second, the…

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    The Negligence Lawsuit and Environmental Negligence

    Tort law encompasses the cases where one party causes some sort of injury to another party, and the injured person or entity sues to be “made whole” again. There are three kinds of torts that are actionable in civil cases. Intentional tort lawsuits require purposeful action on the part of the person or entity causing injury to another (assault, battery,…

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