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Getting to Know the Staff: Nicole Andrescavage

How has the COVID19 quarantine precautions changed the way you work? I work remotely for a small number of hours per week, and each member of the firm is capable of remote work based on how the firm is structured, so the biggest change for me was that I was home all the time! Other than managing a little cabin…

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Legal Management of Resources and Land Use

On March 27, the Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) informed the Mashpee Wampanoag Tribe that it was disestablishing the Tribe’s reservation. The BIA, which falls under the Department of the Interior, assists tribes with natural resources and land use for trust land under the IRA, among other things. The disestablishment removed the tribe’s land from federal trust. As a result,…

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 “Net Neutrality” and Utility Law: Should the Internet Become a Public Utility?

As it stands currently, the Internet is a utility available for purchase from various private providers including AT&T, Verizon, and Comcast. A growing movement to make Internet access a public utility is taking shape, though. Below, we discuss this movement and utility law. The Net Neutrality Debate The idea of “net neutrality,” the term for Internet service providers (ISPs) treating…

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State Park and Beach Closures – Past Civil Lawsuits and Constitutional Implications

On Tuesday, March 31, 2020, Governor Gina Raimondo announced she is closing down the state park and beach parking lots in R.I., effective April 3, 2020. This was done in response to the unacceptable number of people in close proximity within these places. The Rhode Island Department of Environmental Management staff had been tracking the number of visitors, and sent…

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The COVID-19 Regulatory Environment for Business and Changes to the Admiralty Industry

While COVID-19 has brought much of the business world to a standstill, the maritime industry professionals are largely still working. However, under the various federal and state restrictions, operations are nonetheless impacted. Everyone can agree that the regulatory environment for business has changed. Below is an overview of some of the maritime requirements in place, as well as some considerations…

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COVID-19 and Renewable Energy Law and Policy

The renewable energy industries lobbied to get assistance in the latest federal stimulus package.  The assistance language was included in the stimulus bill as drafted in the House previously. Review of the stimulus package reveals that the lobbying failed and energy law and policy in the U.S. will keep with the status quo. CARES Act The Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and…

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Permitting Help During COVID-19 Shutdowns: Don’t Flush Those Disinfectant Wipes, Even if They Say “Flushable!”

Rhode Islanders: lend me your ears! I’m sure many of you are using disinfecting or cleaning wipes in your homes, cars, etc., while trying to avoid contact with COVID-19. This virus is reported to live on certain surfaces for up to seventeen days before disinfection procedures were implemented, as evidenced by the cruise ship industry. While cleaning supplies are essential…

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COVID-19 and Environmental Law

In today’s time of crisis, many have started discussing the place of environmental law in responding to COVID-19. Some have argued that environmental law has no place in virus responses, and some have argued it must occur contemporaneously. Whatever your opinion is, it seems that environmental law and COVID-19 are somehow intrinsically connected. Contributors to Scientific American and The Hill…

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