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What is Environmental Law and Policy?

Looking into the query of what is environmental law and policy, one must start with a definition: these laws and policies are measures implemented and enforced with the goals of: Protecting and/or preserving natural resources; Regulating human activities that may negatively impact natural resources, and; Management of natural resources. The measures are most often undertake by a government entity, but…

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The Rhode Island Public Utilities Commission

The Public Utilities Commission (PUC) is made up of two different bodies that work together to meet the directives contained in its enabling legislation. The PUC serves as a quasi-judicial tribunal with jurisdiction, powers, and duties to implement and enforce statutory standards of conduct. Under RIGL §39-1-1, the Public Utilities Commission is mandated to: “supervise, regulate, and make orders governing…

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What Can a Land Attorney help with?

Owners of real property, or folks looking to purchase real property, often have a need for legal representation. This representation can take many forms – a qualified land attorney assists with due diligence processes, determining how property can be used, assisting with property disputes, to name a few. A land attorney deals with land law, a form of law related…

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Environmental Regulatory Compliance

If you are an entity subject to stormwater regulation, you should be aware of an update to one of the state’s environmental regulatory compliance initiatives, the Rhode Island Multi-Sector General Permit (MSGP). The 2019 Rhode Island Multi-Sector General Permit (MSGP) became effective on May 3, 2019. This means that even those entities covered by the existing permit, who wish to…

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The Rhode Island CRMC – Why and When Do I Need It?

In Rhode Island, activities along the coast are regulated by a state agency called the Coastal Resources Management Council. That’s “CRMC” for short. The CRMC is tasked with preserving and protecting coastal areas through management plans and by the issuance of approvals for work in the council’s jurisdictional area. That area of jurisdiction is as follows: “[T]he area extending from…

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Attorney Desautel Nominated as Top Environmental Lawyer

Desautel Law’s Managing Attorney Marisa Desautel was recently nominated by fellow Rhode Island attorneys for Professional Excellence in Law in the June edition of Rhode Island Monthly magazine, as an environmental lawyer. This distinction is the result of a voting process by only licensed Rhode Island attorneys in the state. Marisa was selected for professional excellence in “Environmental and Land…

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Do I Need a Business Law Attorney?

The corporate world faces all types of legal issues on a regular basis, from employment law to mergers and acquisitions. A business law attorney customarily assists with any of these issues, depending on their area of expertise. Oftentimes, however, environmental issues arise in the corporate context that are different from typical corporate legal considerations. Hiring an environmental business law attorney…

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Different Environmental Laws

There are many federal and state statutes that exist to protect this country’s natural resources, from air to water and resources in between. The different environmental laws were enacted at various times in United States history, but a majority were enacted in the 1970s. This article provides an overview of some of the most well-known federal laws. THE CLEAN AIR…

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Commercial Land Use and Redevelopment

Within every municipality exists a zoning regime that governs residential, industrial, and commercial land use and redevelopment. Climate change is playing a major role with respect to land use. Over the past few decades, storms and rising ocean levels have impacted our state’s shorelines, sometimes unearthing contamination. Liability may arise in any of these contexts, and commercial land use is…

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