• Environmentally Speaking 065: Smart Growth

         Episode 65 Transcript: Smart Growth CLARICE:  Good morning and welcome to this week’s episode of Environmentally Speaking, the first recorded of the new year. MARISA:  Hey, everybody.  Oh, no kidding.  That’s right.  It’s January 6th, 2023. CLARICE:  Happy new year, everybody. MARISA:  Happy new year.  I’m Marisa Desautel.  I’m an environmental attorney here in Rhode Island. CLARICE: …

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    Environmentally Speaking 050: Leo Pollock

        Episode 50 Transcript CLARICE:  Hello.  Good afternoon, everybody.  Well, afternoon that we’re recording.  My name is Clarice.  I am recording sans Marisa today.  These are one of those very rare and few moments when I get full control of the mic.  I get to go rogue.  And in the spirit of going rogue, I brought on a special…

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    Environmentally Speaking 049: The Woodstock of Cleanups!

           Episode 49 Transcript CLARICE:  Hello, everybody.  Thank you for tuning in to Environmentally Speaking. MARISA:  Hi, everybody.  I’m Marisa Desautel an environment attorney in Rhode Island. CLARICE:  And I’m Clarice.  I’m coming in with our questions, comments, and topics.  And selfishly I picked today’s topic because we don’t talk about water enough. Yeah. MARISA:  Well, and…

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