Climate Change

  • EPA Proposes Revised CSAPR Update: Final Rule March 2021

    On October 29, the Cross State Air Pollution Rule Update (CSAPR) was published by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in a proposed revision to its remand of the rule by the D.C. Circuit. The decision will require EPA to place tighter limits on industrial sources of air pollution, according to EarthJustice, which represented several environmental groups in the case.  The…

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    ‘Tree Equity Score’ Drives Home the Importance of Trees in Urban Areas

    PHOTO CAPTION: A neighborhood with a low Tree Equity Score in Providence, Rhode Island. Photo credit: Eben Dente / American Forests American Forests unveiled its Tree Equity Score in November, aiming to help cities in the United States address a problem that exacerbates social inequities and climate change impacts nationwide—often far fewer trees in socioeconomically disadvantaged neighborhoods.   Governor Gina Raimondo…

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