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  • Environmentally Speaking 035: An interview with Zak Mertz

    An interview Zak Mertz We have a very special episode for you this week! We have a very special guest, Zak Mertz, (a.k.a. Superfund Zak) who is the Executive Director of Bird’s Eye Cape Wildlife Center, a part of the New England Wildlife Center. We are going to hear Zak’s personal story, and cover a full range of wildlife topics.…

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    Environmentally Speaking 032: Earth Day

    Earth Day Last week we celebrated Earth Day. Earth Day started on April 22nd, 1970, and was created by Senator Gaylord Nelson. So in this episode, we are going to discuss how Earth Day came into what it is today, what it is, and its focus. We are also going to talk about how they spread the word back then…

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    Environmentally Speaking 025: Renewable Energy

    This week’s topic might just shock you a little bit, we are going to discuss renewable energy not necessarily being environmentally friendly. WHAT!? This topic was sparked by the Super Bowl commercials that were played this year. There was a clear overarching theme in all of the commercials. Renewable energy for cars. American Capitalism is making a huge push in…

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    Environmentally Speaking 023: Carbon Footprint

    Methane and carbon emissions are a big issue for everyone on the planet because they result in greenhouse gas increases which then contributes to the warming of the planet as a result of our atmosphere warming up, so it’s a major problem.       EP 23: Carbon Footprint CLARICE:  Hello, everybody.  Welcome to today’s episode of Environmentally Speaking.  Full…

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    Environmentally Speaking 015: Water Discharging

    On this episode of Environmentally Speaking, Marisa and Clarice discuss environmental law and litigating regarding water discharging. LISTEN NOW:     EP 015 – Storm Water Discharging CLARICE:  Good morning, everybody. MARISA:  Oh, you’re saying good morning as though everyone’s listening to this before noon. CLARICE:  Oh, that’s true. MARISA:  Yeah. CLARICE:  Well, I’m having a good morning.  I don’t…

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    EPA Proposes Revised CSAPR Update: Final Rule March 2021

    On October 29, the Cross State Air Pollution Rule Update (CSAPR) was published by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in a proposed revision to its remand of the rule by the D.C. Circuit. The decision will require EPA to place tighter limits on industrial sources of air pollution, according to EarthJustice, which represented several environmental groups in the case.  The…

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    ‘Tree Equity Score’ Drives Home the Importance of Trees in Urban Areas

    PHOTO CAPTION: A neighborhood with a low Tree Equity Score in Providence, Rhode Island. Photo credit: Eben Dente / American Forests American Forests unveiled its Tree Equity Score in November, aiming to help cities in the United States address a problem that exacerbates social inequities and climate change impacts nationwide—often far fewer trees in socioeconomically disadvantaged neighborhoods.   Governor Gina Raimondo…

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